Pinterest: How I Increased Engagement by 4000% in One Week

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If you use Pinterest for business-related purposes, you may have asked yourself at one point or another whether promoted pins are worth it. Will the conversion rates be high enough? Will there be a significant enough of an increase in site traffic to justify paying for advertising? I argue that yes, both high conversion rates and increases in site traffic are entirely achievable. In my case, by using Pinterest Ads, I was able to increase my pin’s impressions by 4300% in one week. More importantly, user engagement with the pin shot up by 3600%. Need proof? Take a look for yourself:

Before Promotion:

pinterest engagement impressions views increase grow

After 7 Days of Promotion:

pinterest engagement impressions views increase grow

The best part about all of this? I spent less than $10.00 to advertise on Pinterest for one week.

Note: I created my Pinterest Ads account on the same day that I promoted my first pin. The “0%” increases in “Total Impressions”, “Total Engagement”, etc., reflect the fact that the Analytics and Ad portions of my Pinterest account had not been established for a long enough amount of time to gather such information.

pinterest engagement impressions views
My Pinterest Ads overview banner. Total spent: $8.58.

Now you might be thinking, “Great, so promoting a pin wouldn’t be a complete waste of money – but what purpose would it serve?” My personal goal in promoting a pin for the first time was to jumpstart a small amount of traffic to my brand new website. Although there are plenty of free ways to gain exposure for and increase traffic to a website, I was aiming to see growth beyond interactions from people within the network I’d already established organically.

Here’s why promoting my pin got me the results I wanted:

1. I can now analyze Pinterest Ads’ summary of users who interacted with my pin, making it easier for me to specify (and further streamline) my target audience.

While I chose the keywords and phrases through which to target users who might be interested in my pin, Pinterest has now done the rest of the work for me. After a few days of pin promotion, Pinterest Ads automatically sorts user information into a downloadable Excel sheet. This data includes information such as where the engaged users’ genders, where they are from and what languages they are searching in. This takes a large amount of the guesswork out of deciding who to target when promoting similar pins in the future.

2. Unlike an ad on Facebook or Instagram, my promoted pin will continue to earn organic engagement through the users who first interacted with it.

Although Facebook and Instagram could be better platforms to appeal to different age groups, geographic locations, etc., than of the majority of Pinterest users, using Promoted Pins has plenty of advantages. For example, if I were to publish an ad on Facebook or Instagram, creating one would take more time and more money to achieve similar results.

Additionally, it is much more likely for your pin to appear on a user’s feed regardless of how long ago it was published. In fact, most pins achieve their highest rates of engagement between three and a half months and two years after they were first published (Piqora).

Piqora Study, Pinterest engagement

Compared to the chronological timelines of Instagram and Facebook, those extra months (or even years) of exposure provides you with a much better opportunity for your content: a longer shelf life for less money.

What can I do to increase my Pinterest engagement if I don’t want to promote a pin?

  1. Make sure all of your content is original and high-quality.
  2. Share the content with your Facebook network.
  3. Share that you’ve published new content in an Instagram or Facebook story.
  4. Put the link to your Pinterest profile (or pin) in all of your social media profiles.
  5. Join a collaborative group board on Pinterest to share your pins with a community of users with interests relating to your content.

Have you ever thought of advertising on Pinterest? Why or why not? Would you consider doing so after reading this post? Feel free to comment or send me a suggestion at

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Laken Lane Blog Series

These posts were written at the request of Laken Lane in 2018.

To Simplify is to Succeed: Article No. 1

How Outsourcing Your Chores Can Make You More Successful

Some of the most successful individuals in the world have risen to their level of success in part due to having clean surroundings. According to various experts such as those at Develop Good Habits, tidying up your workspace could be the key to increasing your productivity. As a result, a problem for a busy business woman can be the absence of time to be able to make things spotless herself; Continue reading in order to learn about some of the best services to use to tidy up – without wasting any of your own time off the clock.

Merry Maids

One of the highest-rated, countrywide cleaning services in the continental U.S. is Merry Maids, which has been around since 1979. With screened and trained employees, a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy and an opportunity to save $100 on your first five weekly or biweekly cleanings as a new customer, why wait? Merry Maids provides standard cleaning services that will provide you with the most priceless of luxuries: the ability to truly relax during your down time.

Considering many people are interested in their cleaner keeping up with their exact expectations (the floors should be vacuumed with a very particular motion, you know?), might be the website to use to hire your ideal housekeeper. Whether he or she comes by once a week or once a month, there’s something to be said for the extra time you’d have in a day if you didn’t feel compelled to wash the dishes, clean the bathroom and vacuum. Besides, even according to The New York Times, “the best way to get more done may be to spend more time doing less”.

To Simplify is to Succeed: Article No. 2

Create a Capsule Wardrobe, Create More Time

One of the best ways to create more time for work and for play is to develop a capsule wardrobe. As recommended by Business Insider, cutting down on excess clothing can lead to less stress in the morning and add time to your day. Although the most popular examples of successful business owners that implement dressing from a capsule wardrobe (Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg, anyone?), if you’re looking for an easy way to make your work week more tranquil, it’s time for you to give this organizational trick a try.

You could start one of the first steps to whittling down your wardrobe as soon as tomorrow morning: the hanger technique requires virtually no time and can be a fool-proof way to get rid of things that you’re saving to wear “someday”. Place all clothing items on hangers in your closet and, as you wear items day by day, turn the hanger around to face the opposite direction. By the end of the time frame of your choice (a month, 3 months, etc.), you’ll know what don’t use near enough by simply peering into your closet. At that point, it’s a simple stop to a consignment store to give your unworn clothes a second life.

However, a problem for many individuals could be having an inability to curate a capsule wardrobe comprised of pieces that go well together. Without having to go through the agonizing process of asking yourself “Could I actually wear this scarf with this top?” or “How on earth could I survive without my 30+ pairs of shoes?!”, Jenn from Mappcraft could create your capsule for you. One of the services she offers is the Personal Style Mapp, which includes inspiration for “4-6 four-step outfit formulas for every occasion [that are] dictated by your unique lifestyle”. As Jenn puts it, if your “closet is holding [you] hostage”, minimalism might be for you.

To Simplify is to Succeed: Article No. 3

Become More Focused: Hire Help

Some of the most successful professionals in the world have risen to their level of achievement in part due to organization. According to various experts such as those at Develop Good Habits, decluttering your workspace could be the key to increasing your ability to stay focused. Consequently, a problem for a busy business woman can be the absence of time to be able to declutter a space herself; Continue reading in order to learn about some of the best services to use in order to get organized – without wasting any of your own time off the clock.

While hiring a professional organizer is most often a regional- or city-based service, one of the best examples of how professional organizing could transform your life can be found in Less is More’s project gallery. While Less is More is a professional organizing service based in Miami and Chicago, there are plenty of organizing services across the country. From home office organization to closet organization, a professional organizing service is guaranteed to make your life easier, even if that only means being able to consistently find your favourite pair of jeans.

If hiring a service comes with too many strings attached, another great way to get organized without wasting your weekend is to search for help in the form of a personal assistant. Most often, these sorts of jobs are advertised on websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter. You’ll find yourself at even more of an advantage if you live near a university; many college students are consistently looking for flexible ways to add to their income. By hiring a personal assistant, you can also set your own rates and delegate additional tasks from your to-do list. If you’d like to focus better on your most important tasks, it might be the right time for you to simplify your spaces – or to have someone else do it for you!

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Laken Lane Articles

These posts were written at the request of Laken Lane in 2018.

3 Steps to Building a Successful Career

Regardless of whether you’re in a rut in your current position, starting over in a new industry or just starting out with your first “real” job after college, it’s important to be reminded of some of the key ways to get ahead. Some of the best advice is, indeed, the most simple; it might seem like common knowledge, but it’s time to make a serious evaluation of your professional life.

1. Set goals.

One of the most critical components of the road to success is to recognize what you’re working towards. Working a nine-to-five job because it’s the normal thing to do is admirable, but what are you ultimately aiming to achieve by doing so? Is your goal to set a specific amount of money aside, to learn new skills, or to serve your community? Work can be a fulfilling part of life, but it helps to think about the ways in which you could be making your career work for you.

2. Create a routine.

Relating to the previous point, routine is the ideal way to ensure that you are constantly working towards the goal you’ve set. Are you saving X amount of your salary each month? Have you asked to take on new or different tasks in your current position? Although you aimed to do so, have you actually created the opportunities for yourself to do a good service for at least five people each week?

3. Network.

Though networking remains a daunting concept for many, it is now easier than ever to make new connections! Networking doesn’t always have to happen in a professional setting, so it could be beneficial to carry business cards in your wallet – just in case you come across someone at a friend’s dinner party that might be interested in your services. Additionally, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are making even the professional world a much smaller place – your next opportunity could be one request away.

How to “Spring-Clean” Your Finances

As unpleasant as it can be to have to think about budgeting, if we spring-clean our living spaces, why shouldn’t we spring-clean our wallets, as well? Being conscious of how you spend your money and making plans for how you would like to spend it are important parts of living a stress-free life. If you’re hitting the reset button and attempting to become more organized in general, the process should start with your finances. In order to make your money work for you, it’s best to:

1. Decide on a savings goal.

Firstly you should ask yourself questions such as: What would I like to use your money for? Would I like to have a few thousand dollars set aside in a rainy day fund or am I interested in saving up for the handbag of my dreams?

If you know what you’re saving money for (either on a long- or short-term basis), it can help deter you from dipping into it. If you need another layer of security (impulse buyers – this is for you!), setting aside those savings in a checking account at a bank separate from that of your daily-use debit card can provide you with additional protection from yourself.

2. Start a monthly budgeting system.

Most of us have heard this cliche piece of advice so many times that it could make our heads spin. As annoying of a concept as it is, budgeting can work wonders when it comes to having control over your accounts. By dividing your budget into necessities (rent, car payments, loans), extras (eating out, shopping, beauty services), and savings goals (vacation, emergency savings, funds for a dream car, etc.), it can make handling your money a lot less stressful.

3. Clean out your wallet.

For many of us, there are endless amounts of receipts, old gift cards and outdated coupons stuffed into our wallets. Although some of us hesitate to throw these things away, we’ve all used the excuse “But I might need it someday!” one too many times. If the gift cards have to stay, one great way to always have them with you is to punch holes into the corners of the certificates, and then to string them onto a keychain. If you can’t get rid of all the clutter, you might as well organize it – that way you can find things when you need them.  

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