GEF: Fulbright Meeting (Intl. Event)

As a junior at OU, it is increasingly important for me to look towards my future: What do I want to have accomplished a year from now? Where am I most interested in living? What type of job most interests me? One of the many options that I could possibly choose from includes becoming an English Teaching Assistant in Spain. By attending a March 28 meeting to learn more about the Fulbright program, I was able to gather the following information in order to further my knowledge of the Fulbright application process.

One of the most important things that I learned during the Fulbright session was that having past study abroad experiences would not hurt my chances. Furthermore, it was helpful to learn that it is most important to convey that I would be the best possible representative of my home country’s culture. I also look forward to emphasizing how I can integrate well into a Spanish community, as well as the ways in which I would benefit from an ETA opportunity through Fulbright.

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