Global Engagement

GEF: The Top 10 Things I Learned by Studying Abroad

1. Happiness is truly a conscious decision.
2. Speaking another language exposes you to an additional set of opportunities.
3. Life is too short to pursue a career that doesn’t make your life worth living.
4. Don’t waste your time pursuing a person who doesn’t encourage you to be your best self.
5. Though you may try, you can’t control everything; There will always be the possibility of something not going your way.
6. When things don’t go your way, make the most of the situation – appreciate what you have going for you.
7. Food is more than sustenance – a meal should be an experience (shared with friends and family, of course).
8. Espresso > American coffee.
9. A little pasta – nor a croissant, nor a sugar-seeped dessert – is not the death of you. Enjoy it in the moment.
10. It is better to have loved and lost than it is to have lacked the experience entirely.

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