Chapter 5: PR Writing

Chapter 5: Planning and Message Design

In my opinion, this chapter will be particularly useful. My first takeaway was the introduction of the “roadmap” to public relations planning. The introduction of standard planning tactics for setting goals, budgets and timetables was a good way to familiarize myself with the aspects of a PR plan. My second takeaway was from “Developing the Message.” I found it particularly helpful to learn that the essential questions to answer within message development are the who, why, what and how. I think that my final takeaway was the most valuable; The planning outline addressed in the text included what to plan for in a PR outline: the type of project; situation; objectives; target publics; analysis of a public’s wants, interests and needs; core message; communication channels; appeals; and evaluation methods. This will help me to plan in my future PR writing.

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • After having read about the development of a message, it is clear how in-depth research for PR writing must be.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I believe that the excerpts about the PR planning outline will be most valuable.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • I think that this entire chapter about planning and message development will be applicable to my future PR career.

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