Chapter 6: PR Writing

Chapter 6: News Releases

Chapter 6 addressed another type of PR writing that I had not learned the specifics of. It was helpful for the text to address news releases. According to the text, news releases are written for routine news events, one-time news events and “bad news” events. Furthermore, I found it interesting to learn about the concept of localizing. I would have never thought about making multiple versions of a release in order to better appeal to specific regions. I was also glad that the text was recently updated to include information on social media releases. I was surprised that a PR firm had the foreknowledge to introduce this type of release in 2006.

What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • Reading about video news releases made me think in a new way about how broad the public relations industry is.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I believe that the social media release template included in the text will be useful in the current climate.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your professional goals?

  • The section about types of news releases will be most useful in reaching my professional goals.

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