Chapter 8: PR Writing

Chapter 8: The Public Relations Process

I have never learned about the different types of background materials, so that portion of Chapter 8 was interesting to me. From fact sheets to backgrounders to biographical sketches, there is clearly a lot for me to learn about writing as a PR professional. This continued with the section on features; Although I am familiar with writing features in a journalistic format, I found it interesting to see how I will be tweaking my writing to accommodate a more persuasive purpose. As my third takeaway, it was appealing for me to learn about the types of PR features, which include company profiles, human interest stories, advice articles and stories about interesting trends.


What did you read that made you think about public relations or public relations writing in a new way?

  • Reading this chapter as a whole made me think about the technicality of PR writing in a new way.

What did you read that you think is most useful/applicable to your current writing?

  • I think that the basic guidelines on the different types of background materials and features will be most applicable to my current writing, as well as to accomplishing my professional goals.

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