Report Back: PR Writing

What are the key pieces of advice you found for improving one’s press releases?

  • A piece of advice that was a recurring theme in these articles was to get to the point immediately. Additionally, it was mentioned multiple times that a press release should address who, what, when, where, why and how.

Did you learn anything that surprised you from these articles?

  • It was surprising to me that some of the articles advised that press releases include photographs when possible.

How will you apply what you learned to your own writing?

  • I will apply many of these tips in my writing; I will make sure that I am always direct, that my release follows proper format and that it targets a specific group in the media.
  1. “7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release” by Russell Working

2.  “A complete guide to writing an effective press release” by Debbie Leven

3. “PR Advice from Journalists: Dos and Don’t on Press Releases.” by Robert Wynne

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