Auxiliares Project: 2018-2019

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Proyecto Final by Allison Dooley

Auxiliares de Conversación 2018-2019

IES Arturo Soria, Comunidad de Madrid

Topic: Rutinas Diarias

Subject Area: Days

Students’ Grade: Primero ESO

My final project represents pedagogical innovation in the way that it employs a combination of interactive and digital activities. Although writing exercises and worksheets are an essential part of learning English as a second language, digital activities are of increasing necessity due to students’ lessening capacity to devote attention to one topic for a considerable length of time. This final project and the resources included in it can be adapted for use at other levels of study by incorporating more advanced vocabulary, additional analytical exercises and/or the utilization of further comprehensive skills. The basic formats of the enclosed resources could also be adapted to address other topics or subjects.


What topic are you teaching?

My final project revolves around teaching students of 1o ESO about how to describe daily routines in English.

What are your objectives?  

The objectives are to 1) ensure individual participation from each student, 2) encourage prolonged engagement through the use of both group and digital activities, 3) promote the practice of English speaking skills regarding the relevant topic.

What materials are you going to use?  

The majority of the materials used are digital activities shared with the class by projector. Such digital activities include videos and games in the form of power points or PDF presentations.

What is the timing for your lesson?  

The materials included in the final project can either be combined to fill an entire instruction time or to be used individually by the language assistant as supplemental materials.

What is the teacher’s role?  

Based off of the project that I have designed, the teacher’s role can vary; the materials can be utilized exclusively by the teacher, shared through instruction by both the teacher and the auxiliar, or used through primary direction by the auxiliar (this can vary depending on the teacher’s instructional or pedagogical preferences).

What is your role as a language assistant?  

My role as a language assistant is to foster a more relaxed atmosphere for students in relation to the instruction of English as a second language, as well as to supplement teachers’ instruction.

How are you and the teacher working to complement each other?  

In relevance to the materials included in this final project, the teacher and the language assistant should work together to encourage participation in activities from each individual student.

What activities are the students going to do?  

The students will utilize oral conversation, reading, dictation, videos and games to learn how to talk about daily routines using present simple.

How will you be evaluating the activities?  

The majority of the activities will be evaluated based off of group and/or individual participation.

How will the students know they have achieved the learning objectives?

The students will know they have achieved the learning objectives by being able to speak at length about daily routines and by being able to recall related vocabulary and phrases in simulated conversation.

How will you be responding to diverse learning styles and levels of achievement among your students?

The ideal way to respond to the diverse levels of achievement among students would be to employ the possibility of one-on-one “conversations” with struggling students. Because some students are stressed by the idea of speaking in front of the group, this technique could help them build confidence in their speaking skills and anticipate better participation in future lessons.

Digital tools and resources to be used for instruction:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Student presentations (Rubric for oral presentation provided.)
  • Multimedia content
  • Games and activities

Powerpoint Presentations

Student Presentations

Multimedia Content

Daily Activities Present Simple Song

Daily Routines Song

Present Simple Daily Routines Song English

Games and Activities

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